High pressure driveway cleaning & more

PowerWash Pro is the logical choice for all of your outdoor cleaning needs. Why? Because we’re environmentally friendly! We care about our environment, so no harsh chemicals are used… just the power of hot water. Whether you’re after high pressure driveway cleaning or a clean-up of all of your outdoor areas, PowerWash Pro have all the equipment and expertise to get the job done.
But it’s not just high pressure driveway cleaning that we do, we can also clean up your paths, pavers, decking, concrete, drained pools, cars, caravans, boats, outdoor tiles and slate, roller doors, outdoor windows, tennis and netball courts and even your solar panels.
Why go to the trouble of hiring expensive equipment when PowerWash Pro can take care of your high pressure driveway cleaning needs for you – saving you time and the inevitable sore muscles… often for far less than the cost of equipment hire.
We also offer lawn mowing and gutter cleaning to ensure your home and garden is kept looking beautiful year-round. Let us provide scheduled services for a standard garden tidy which includes lawn mowing, edging and blower vac, or for more substantial seasonal maintenance, such as tree pruning, hedging and gutter cleaning, we can take care of this on an as needed basis.

One door closes, another opens

Not so long ago, the future looked a little uncertain for Terry, the owner/operator of PowerWash Pro.
After over 27 years of dedicated service, working in a variety of different roles at GM Holden’s Elizabeth plant, the announcement of their closure spelt the end of a very long era.
When Terry was offered a package, he soon realised that this was an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Having enjoyed being self employed before his career at Holden’s, he decided to accept the package and go back to working for himself, and thus Powerwash Pro was born.

Yes, you can relax knowing that PowerWash Pro has a full and current police clearance, including working at schools and childcare centres.

Yes, you can relax knowing that PowerWash Pro is fully insured for any work we carry out at your property.

Having a contractor carry out work at your premises can be a concern, but you can rest assured that PowerWash Pro has a full and current police clearance and is fully insured for any of the work they do.

  • PowerWash Pro high pressure driveway cleaning before photo
  • PowerWash Pro high pressure driveway cleaning after being cleaned
  • PowerWash Pro high pressure driveway cleaning before shot
  • PowerWash Pro high pressure driveway cleaning showing pavers after a clean

Before and after PowerWash Pro

Just look at the difference high pressure driveway cleaning can make to your property! These before and after photos show how your driveway, paths and pavers can be cleaned up as good a new with a PowerWash Pro high pressure clean. Years of built up grease, dirt, stains and algae are easily removed with our professional high pressure cleaning equipment.