Solar panel cleaning

The importance of keeping your solar panels clean should not be under estimated. Clean solar panels work more efficiently. You have spent a large sum of money to install solar panels, so they need to be working at maximum efficiency – after all they’re up there to save you on power bills!

In our harsh Australian climate they get very dirty very quickly, this then cuts down there efficiency. That’s where PowerWash Pro can help out.

Save time & minimise risk

I come and clean your solar panels to a streak free state bringing them back to full working capacity. This also saves you having to go on your roof (which if it’s tiled you must know the correct way to walk on so they don’t get damaged), and your valuable weekend time. And the inevitable sore back from stooping over for an hour or two.

According to a study carried out by, “solar panel conversion efficiency, typically in the 20 percent range, is reduced by dust, grime, pollen and other particulates that accumulate on the solar panel. A dirty solar panel can reduce its power capability by up to 30 percent in high dust/pollen or desert areas.”


Dirty solar panels efficiency is reduced by around 30% and regular cleaning maintenance should be carried out to ensure they are operating at their optimum levels of energy production.


They go on to say that “ideally solar panels should be cleaned every few weeks to maintain peak efficiency. Water is one of the main reasons solar panels get dirty. Rain and condensation settle in the microdepressions present in the glass surface, where they attract particulate matter. The water quickly evaporates, leaving a dirty residue behind that is difficult to remove.”

The solution

Contact PowerWash Pro for a quote on solar panel cleaning and enjoy the financial benefits of solar panels that are working to their full capacity.