Impress your landlord

You rent a home and inspection time is coming up, what better way to impress your land lord/property manager than having the outside looking great. No oil on the driveway, clean pavers, clean decking, outside of the windows clean.

And at a cost less than hiring the equipment or buying it and then having to find somewhere to store it and have extra stuff you would use once a year (if you had to do it yourself) to add to moving.

This is where PowerWash Pro can come and help you. We will come during the week and do all those jobs save you time and money. You get your weekend back and a happy land lord/ property manager.

We will pressure wash your driveway, paved areas, decking, wood panelling on a spa, solar panels and even clean the outside of the windows too.

Getting your bond back

You want to make sure you get reimbursed the full amount of the bond that you paid when you move out, so to help make sure you get your bond back make sure everything is clean inside and out at the end of your tenancy. Keep this in mind when scheduled inspections are due to ensure your lease will be renewed by the property owner.


Secure your lease renewal or bond reimbursement by making sure both the inside and outside of the rental property are kept sparkling clean.


Dont’ risk it, call PowerWash Pro

Contact PowerWash Pro for a quote on all your outdoor cleaning needs to ensure your bond is returned or your lease renewed after an inspection.