At Powerwash Pro we pride ourselves with using the right equipment for high pressure cleaning.  Making the difference from an ordinary job to a great job. Thus giving the customer the best value for their money.

Concrete cleaning :We have high pressure equipment that can handle most outdoor cleaning jobs. For concrete driveways, paths, patio`s and BBQ areas, we have high pressure nozzles that can remove the toughest grim without leaving any marks or swirl patterns in the concrete that the industrial strength machines and attachments leave.

Pavers and decking :For pavers and decking we have an attachment that blasts the dirt off without damaging the pavers or removing the sand between them. This leaves pavers nice and clean and undamaged. This same attachment is also used for wood decking, leaving your decking nice and clean and looking good. It can also be used to clean the decking before resealing. As well as paving and decking this attachment is great for brick walls and roller doors.

Attachments :We also have attachments that can clean in tight places, like under the bodies of cars, under water tanks, behind down pipes and posts.

Brick work :When cleaning brick walls we use a variety of attachments from an extension lance that gets up high to the various high pressure nozzles and special jetted brushes. This way we can remove the dirt and grim without damaging the mortar between the bricks.

Gaffiti :When cleaning graffiti we use special cleaning products that will remove the graffiti without damaging the surface/paint under the graffiti. Leaving a nice non graffitied surface again.

Solar panels :When cleaning solar panels we use a special blend of soaps exclusive to Powerwash Pro that remove the dirt, bird droppings and in some cases moss off the panels. This solution leaves the panels clean and streak free. We use special soft clothes so the panels don’t get harmed or scratched. We use the same soaps for outside windows as well.

Here at Powerwash Pro we try to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products and in most cases just the pressure of clean water is enough but some stains and grim need that extra help to be removed.